Vineyard Net Spooler


  • Modular Design – Single & Double Sided
  • Adjustable Spooler
  • Compact Front-Mount Design
  • Vertical Net Guide Option
  • Variable Net Tension Control
  • Electric-Hydraulic Flow Control
  • Vertical Quick-Release Latch System
  • Lightweight Aluminium Disks


All Hydraulic Design – Simple Plug and Mow Design
  • Front Mounted Mowing System
  • Superior out-front visibility of mowing operation
  • No PTO requirement
  • Works with any rear mower width and all row widths
  • Mow the inter-row and under-vines in a single pass (multi-tasking operation) Hydraulic Actuation In Both Directions
  • Very fast and accurate
  • No spring bounce or fatigue
  • Patented hydraulic circuit design providing extremely fast sensing action Hydraulic Requirements
  • 45 Litre/min flow rate
  • Optimised for typical PTO economy RPM
  • 1 x pressure and 2 x return remotes


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