Trailed Groundsheet Winder

  • Trailer-Based Winder
  • Storage for Additional Rolls
  • Low Hydraulic Flow Rate
  • Adjustable Ground Anchors
  • 4-Metre Cloth Width
  • Trailer Light-Pack for Road Use
  • Standard and Optional Safety Features
  • Mud-Guards for Road Use


Trailer-Based Winder
  • Can be towed behind Ute, Quad or Tractor
Storage for Additional Rolls
  • Able to transport additional rolls of cloth
    between rows
Low Hydraulic Flow Rate
  • Can be operated off the tractor hydraulics or
    independent power-pack
Adjustable Ground Anchors
  • Grounds the trailer from pulling sideways
  • Used to adjust the trailer angle to track the
    cloth during winding
4-Metre Cloth Width
  • Able to wind all cloth widths up to 4m wide
Trailer Light-Pack for Road Use
  • Option of trailer light-pack and mud guards for
    legal towing on the road
  • Able to be towed between orchard blocks behind
    a Ute or Tractor
Standard and Optional Safety Features
  • Maximum winding pressure can be adjusted to
    minimise cloth damage and increase operator
  • Hydraulic control lever returns to off-position
    when released
  • Optional hydraulic foot-control available for
    additional operator safety
  • Optional E-stops available for either end of the
    winder for additional operator safety
Mud-Guards for Road Use
  • Full-coverage mud guards for road use and to
    eliminate mud splashing onto the ground-sheet
    during transport

Length : 6000mm
Width : 1500mm (transport mode)
Width : 2000mm (operation mode)
Hydraulic Flow Rate : 25 L/min (single remote)
Hydraulic Pressure Adjustment : 0 to 180 Bar (full range adjustment)
E-Stops : Up to 2 E-Stops (optional feature)
Trailer Lights : LED Tail-lights, brake-lights and indication-lights (optional)
Wheel Mud-Guards : Full mud-guards for road use


Optional Estop System


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