• Patented technology, World Leading design
  • 8km/h Mowing Speed.
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • REDUCED operational COSTS
  • PROVEN performance
  • Accurate and Precise SENSING
  • 1.6m to 3.0m row widths


All Hydraulic Design – Simple Plug and Mow Design
  • Front Mounted Mowing System
  • Superior out-front visibility of mowing operation
  • No PTO requirement
  • Works with any rear mower width and all row widths
  • Mow the inter-row and under-vines in a single pass (multi-tasking operation) Hydraulic Actuation In Both Directions
  • Very fast and accurate
  • No spring bounce or fatigue
  • Patented hydraulic circuit design providing extremely fast sensing action Hydraulic Requirements
  • 45 Litre/min flow rate
  • Optimised for typical PTO economy RPM
  • 1 x pressure and 2 x return remotes
High Speed and Accurate Sensing – Industry Leading Design

Mow up to 8km/h Forward Speed

  • Comparable to inter-row mowing speed
  • Designed for accurate mowing at highspeed

Accurate Senor Wand Design

  • Accurately follows the cutting radius of the blades
  • Sensor wand is only 30mm away from the cutting blade height
  • Eliminates plant damage and provides very close cutting radius
  • Adjustable sensor weight – light adjustment for young plants and heavy adjustment for heavy grass conditions

Light Weight & High Strength Design

  • Very light weight mower-head design
  • Minimises total movement inertia
  • High speed head direction change
  • Low mass high-tensile materials used
  • Heavy duty sub frame to absorb all shock loading

Minimal Moving Parts

  • Direct actuation of mower head from the sensor wand
  • No complex linkage or electrical contacts in the sensing circuit
  • Designed for a very high duty cycle and low maintenance environment
Large Row Width Variation – All Row Widths Covered

Vineyards Row Widths:

  • 1.6m to 3.0m

Kiwifruit, Citrus & Pipfruit Row Widths: 3.0m to 5.5m

  • Hydraulic side-shift combined with mechanical telescoping width adjustment
  • Joystick adjustment of mowing width

500mm Cutting Diameter Per Side

Override Side-shift Retraction

  • Side-shift safety override system automatically retracts the mower width if set out too wide
Parallel Lift and Contouring Linkage – Eliminates Scalping

Simple Tractor Fitting

  • Quick-attach mounting bracket attached to front of tractor
  • Can be mounted onto existing weight block or front linkage
  • Rapid fitting using hydraulic lift ram to attach and remove from the tractor
  • Eliminates operator lifting during mounting

Contouring Linkage On All Axis

  • Parallel-lift linkage
  • Contours over undulating ground fully independent of tractor movement
  • Spring mounted to minimise rolling weight & compaction
  • Accurate tracking to vine row ground contours to minimise scalping
Low Operational Cost and Rapid Blade Replacement

Low Cost Blade Replacement

  • Blade cost is approx $3 per blade
  • Total of 4 blades only to replace
  • Blades are double sided for double life

Rapid Blade Replacement

  • Requires only a socket through the top cover to remove the blade retainer nut
  • The retainer bolt is keyed into the blade carrier eliminating the requirement for a second spanner

No Greasing Required

  • Minimal operator maintenance required
  • Self lubricating bushes or sealed bearings used on all mowing parts
  • Eliminates premature wear due to dusty working environment & incorrect greasing technique
Simple Mowing Height Adjustment

Mowing Height Range of 50mm to 200mm

  • Mowing height is simply adjusted by the sliding wheel brackets

Mowing Heads Can be Angled Up to Mow Over Mounded Rows

Hydraulic Tilt Option Up To 45o Tilt Angle for Benched Rows

Jockey Wheel Option Provides a Contouring Head Solution

Compact Design – Operate in Narrow Rows and Tight Headlands

Weight: < 350 kg Total Mounted Weight

Length: 1400mm (Max) From Front Of Tractor

Good Headland Manoeuvrability

  • Rapid side-shift and lift functions during headland manoeuvring
Joy Stick Controller – Full Control At Your Finger Tips

Complete Mower Control From the Joystick Controller

  • Finger tip control of all mower functions
  • Adjustable controller mount system to provide optimum operator comfort and flexibility
  • Waterproof design for ROPS tractors
  • Controller can be unplugged from the main wiring loom for quick de-mounting from the tractor

Blades can be turned on/off from Controller

  • Can operate and test all hydraulic functions without operating the blades

Simple 12V Relay Design

  • Proven performance in hash working environments
  • Standardised relays for simplistic fault finding and readily available spare parts


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